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Trade Show Specialist

Let Me Help You Make More Money

Trade shows are a big investment. Let Sonu help you get a big ROI. Sonu's proven tradeshow methods will guarantee you:

  • More booth traffic

  • More audience engagement

  • More warm leads


Everyone wants to attract more visitors to their booth and increase visitor engagement. Few can deliver both with a guarantee. Sonu uses a proven method for attracting and engaging audiences and keeping them engaged even after they return home. 

Many companies measure the success of a trade show by the number of contacts the collect or the amount of product literature they hand out. Wouldn't you rather measure success by the number of meetings you set and products you sold? Sonu can help you achieve these levels of success using his proven trade show methods.

Give him a call today and let him show you how to make your next trade show your biggest success yet.

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Receptions & Parties

If you are looking for large crowds at your trade show booth, then you need Sonu. His amazing magic draws huge reactions that draw huge crowds. And he can keep your booth visitors engaging with you even after the show! If you want to get the most out of your trade show experience, you need Sonu!

Are you hosting a special lunch or dinner banquet? Let Sonu help make it even more magical with his Close-up or Stage Magic. He will keep your guests engaged and entertained and your event will be remembered for months to come.

Need to keep customers and guests entertained at your next reception or party? Sonu can easily mingle with your guests, engaging them in his interactive magic, and creating just the right impression that's sure to impress. Let Sonu help make your event the most magical. 

Some of our favorite clients...

"Better Than I

Despite having lived most of his life with a severe heart condition and experiencing heart failure TWICE, Sonu believes life is "Better than he deserves." He is on a mission to help others to get off the bench and live life to the fullest with his incredible and heart-stopping story- literally.


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