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People Are Talkin'

Efren Olvera
Branch Manager
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
November 2018

“Sonu spoke at our kick-off meeting and performed at one of our receptions. In a word, he’s AMAZING! Whether he’s sharing his life story with you or wowing you with magic, you will be amazed by this guy. Truly inspiring and entertaining!!” 

Chris D, SVP, Irvine, CA

“His effects are cool, but his presentation and demeanor are what impressed me most.” 

Lauren K, Sr. Director, Atlanata, GA

Very exciting and entertaining! Great guy that knows his audience and plays well to them!” 

Lance S, VP, Dallas, TX

“Sonu presented at our sales meeting and did a workshop on sales techniques. I know we will have him back again. He has so many interesting stories and leaves you feeling like you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. His magic tricks are pretty awesome too. The dude rocks!” —

David R., GM, Scottsdale, AZ

"Sonu is a talented performer, and it's very clear he's put a lot of work into his craft. His presentation is very entertaining, and he involves the audience so you get to be a part of the action! I guarantee you that at the end of the presentation you'll not only be left entertained, but you'll also be left scratching your head and wondering "how'd he do that?"

Sminu P, Owner and Attorney, Richardson, TX

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