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Your Frequently Asked Questions


How can we use Sonu at our next event?

  • Keynote

  • Break-out sessions

  • Spouse programs

  • Facilitator

  • Round-table discussions

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Entertainer


What is the best way to set up the room?

  • A raised platform is preferred if you have more than 50 people. This will give audience members a clear, unobstructed view of Sonu during her presentation.

  • If a lectern or head table is part of your meeting, please make sure there is ample room for Sonu to stand near the audience. He will not be speaking from a lectern.

  • If possible, please ensure there are aisles every 8-10 seats. Sonu will call participants on stage with him and this will make it easier for participants.

  • If you have agenda items lasting more than 30 minutes prior to Sonu's presentation, consider giving the audience a brief stretch break before introducing Sonu.

  • Set chairs to face the longest wall (i.e., set the room wide, not narrow).

  • Stagger the chairs. Don’t put one chair directly behind the other. If you stagger each row, audience members won’t have someone’s head right in front of them to block the view.

  • Seat the audience close to each other and close to Sonu (six feet if possible) with each chair facing center stage. Match the number of chairs to the number of people; keep extra chairs stacked up at the back of the room to avoid empty seats.

  • Make sure the entire room is well lit, especially the stage area. If spotlights are available, please consider firing them up! When the presenter is illuminated more than the audience, listeners can hear better and are less distracted. Make sure the house lights are at 40-60%, so Sonu can see the audience.


You’ve booked Sonu. Now what?

  • You will receive a speaking agreement.

  • Sign and return the agreement with 50% retainer to hold the date.

  • You will receive a tailoring form in order for Sonu to personalize his message to your group.

  • A few weeks prior to the event, Melissa will schedule a conference call to finalize all the details.

  • If you have any questions, contact Melissa directly 469.288.2084 |

  • Sit back and enjoy how easy Sonu is to work with on your event!


How will Sonu get his message across to our audience?

Sonu's message is realistic with real-life examples and stories that people can relate to! Additionally, Sonu bring participants up on stage to assist with magic effects that he uses to illustrate his points Past participants always comment on his use of humor and his ability to connect with audiences. He makes his presentations interactive and fun, while giving his audience something to think about. Participants receive handouts providing key ideas and contact information for any follow-up questions that they may have.


How do you pronounce Sonu's name?

His first name - Sonu - is pronounced like it's So New. His last name - Varkey - is pronounced like Car Key, but with a V.


What makes Sonu different from other speakers?

Obviously the magic. Not everyone can float a dollar bill in front of your face or make objects appear in your hand. 

Beyond the magic, his authenticity. Sonu is incredibly good at connecting with people. It is one of his gifts. When he's talking to you, he makes you feel like you are the only person in the room. He's not afraid to talk about his short comings or things that he has had to work on.

People always comment on his sense of humor. While Sonu will never purposely embarrass anyone or make jokes about race, religion, or politics, he does enjoy playing with audiences and having fun, and that comes across in his presentations and his magic. 

The "WOW" factor. People always ask him, "How'd you do that?" and they often tell him that they thought about a particular effect for weeks and months after seeing him.


What audio-visual needs does Sonu have?


Sonu will only need a wireless lavaliere microphone. He has a Countryman E7 Headset that can be plugged into various microphone packs.


Will Sonu's presentation be tailored to our theme?

Absolutely! Sonu collaborates with you to develop the most valuable program for your participants. Upon booking, you will be asked to complete a Tailoring Questionnaire in order to personalize the message. He also prefers to interview several meeting participants in advance of the event to get various opinions and the “inside scoop.” You can be assured that participants receive precisely what they need, delivered in a way that holds their interest, generates enthusiasm, and is memorable. You’ll find the Tailoring Questionnaire in the Download Area above as well as an option to fill it out online.


Can we preview a program?

  • In addition to the videos on this site, you can check out Sonu's YouTube Channel. 

  • Contact Melissa and ask to be a guest at one of Sonu's upcoming presentations.

  • Request a personal meeting with Sonu when he is in your area.

  • Request a video.

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